bliss interiors

Do you want a house extension or renovation but just don’t know where to start?

Do you ever feel that you need to “push out the walls” out of your home?

Do you dream of a bigger kitchen/a loft room/an extra bathroom or an office?

Are you worried about finding a builder you can trust?

Have you got a tight budget and are concerned that the costs could run away from you?

Are you baffled and bamboozled by planning and building regulations?

These are everyday dilemmas that can be resolved by Julie Bliss of Bliss Interiors.

Julie established Bliss Interiors with her team over ten years ago and says “All too often we meet clients who just do not know where to start with a house extension. They are worried about how to find a reputable builder and the internet is a minefield. We at Bliss Interiors know how frustrating this can be. We aim to take the stress out of house extensions and improvements and knowing that budgets are tight, try to make their money work for them as effectively as possible.” Bliss Interiors can offer advice on:

  • Builders
  • Getting Planning permission
  • Building Works (where we can be available on site to ensure that renovations go to plan)
  • Design – should you wish to improve the layout of the house
  • How to use space to an optimum
  • How to make use of light to a premium
  • How to “makeover” a room in terms of colour, design, furniture and furnishings
Remodeling and Home Design